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Financial Information

         New Grace Bible College depends primarily upon student fees to bear the cost of operating expenses. In order to improve our present educational institution and guarantee its future, each student is encouraged to pay in full at registration and is given a 10% discount incentive. However, if you are unable to pay in full at the time of registration, we offer an installment plan.




            $40 per credit hour


            $40 Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible

            Other books as needed


            Registration fee           $35

            Materials  fee              $25

            Transfer credit fee      $25

            Lifetime credit fee      $50

            Shipping fee                $5



            Our financial office accept cash, money orders, checks and all major debit/credit cards.


            A 10% discount is offered to those paying in full on registration day.



            An installment plan is available for those who cannot pay in full. A tuition contract must be filled out and abided by. This contract states that students are to pay equal monthly payments due on the first of each month. Failure to do so may result in suspension from classes.

Financial Information


All students and staff members must show Christian character in behavior. Students must be willing to surrender to Biblical principles and are expected to be faithful to the local church where they hold membership.

  1. If tardy, come in as quietly and inconspicuously as possible.  After class, provide a written excuse for tardiness to the professor.

  2. If you have a question to ask of the professor, raise your hand at an appropriate time; do not         try to flag him down. If there is a question-period, ask him then or after class.  If it is a   personal matter, see the professor privately.

  3. If you differ with the professor on a matter, simply say so and state your reasons. Do not argue. Let the professor have the last word.  This is his class, and he has the responsibility of       conducting it. 

  4. If you see another cheating, rebuke him privately.  If he persists in this error alert the professor that cheating is going on in his class.

  5. Look at and listen to the professor when he is teaching.  Do not read outside course material             during class period.  Do not carry on conversations with classmates during class.

  6. Take care of personal hygiene.

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