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Degrees Offered
Biblical Studies


Degrees Available:

Associate of Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Master of Biblical Studies

Doctor of Biblical Studies


The School of Biblical Studies provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of the Bible with application in the practical affairs of life.



Degrees Available:

Associate of Ministry

Bachelor of Ministry

Master of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry


The School of Ministry takes the student through courses designed to lead towards leadership development in Ministry.

Religious Education


Degrees Available:

Associate of Religious Education

Bachelor of Religious Education

Master of Religious Education

Doctor of Religious Education


The School of Religious Education strives to give the student a thorough knowledge of the Bible, preparing them to teach in Christian schools and colleges.



Degrees Available:

Associate of Theology

Bachelor of Theology

Master of Theology

Doctor of Theology


The School of Theology provides the student with a comprehensive study of basics of the Christian faith through Systematic Theology.

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